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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Appointment times be made?

Yes. We will arrange a suitable time for you.

Can you remove packaging?

-- We will always ensure that the area where we work will be left clean and tidy. Unfortunately we cannot remove packaging from your premises but will move the packaging to your bin area for your disposal.

What will you do if parts are missing/damaged?

-- We do carry a small selection of spares. If you do not have your specific part then we can advise on which parts to request from your supplier. However if anything is broken or damaged we will bring this to your attention immediately. We will advise you on the way forward.

Can you dismantle and move my old furniture?

-- We can dismantle old furniture for a min charge; we can leave it outside for you to dispose of.

I’ve started – can you finish it for me?

-- If you need some assistance in completing any item contact us for a quote.

Will you put the furniture in place?

-- Before we arrive the product should be placed in the area where it is to be assembled. We are unable to move product after assembly

My question isn’t listed above ??? --- Don’t worry. Just email us from our contact us page